couple kidding at in n out

Unique Engagement Session Ideas

You’re engaged!!! You’re going to marry your best friend. Seriously, how stoked are you? I am SO stoked FOR YOU! I wanted to share some unique engagement session ideas with you. I want to plant the seed that you’re engagement session doesn’t need to be just a regular session… It can be super unique and authentic to your love.

Michael and Lindsay told me right away that they wanted to have their engagement session in this specific In N Out because it was super special to them. I’m like 99% sure that it’s where they got engaged… #mymemoryisbad…

I work with so many newly engaged couples and I am really familiar with how people feel before a photoshoot, but it’s also quite hard to comprehend how nervous people are to have their photos taken, mostly because I KNOW how great they’re going to do during their shoot once I break the ice and make them realize it’s just going to be fun and easy haha.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, nothin will make you feel more comfortable during a shoot than making it special and personal to the two of you. Like a date night… With your photographer… Who is hopefully me, duh.

Think about what you two love to do together (that you would do in public, haha) and then consider incorporating that into your engagement session. Sure, you can show up to a beach session and shoot for an hour and get some amazing photos, so that’s always an idea. But why not make it more fun and create an experience out of it?

I also have a freebie that has 10 Ideas For A Super Fun Engagement Sesh and if you need some help thinking of some fun stuff, check it out! If you’re still thinking you’d rather have your engagement session at the beach, here’s a blog on some super great locations.