couple playing in the water in Coronado

San Diego Engagement Photos – Location Guide

Sharing some of my favorite beach locations for your San Diego Engagement Photos!

If you’ve been thinking of where to do your engagement session, I’m here to help! I’ve created this San Diego Engagement Photos Location Guide just for you. I have lived in San Diego my entire life, and I love exploring around here. I’m going to share some of the best beachy San Diego engagement photo locations.

I prefer shooting in locations that are less crowded, with lots of different elements. For instance, when thinking of a beach engagement session, I suggest a beach that offers so much more than just sand and water. I love cliffs, greenery, epic views, and then some sand and water.

Photo of a ring on a flower

Torrey Pines “Sunset Seat”

This particular spot is a little bit North of Torrey Pines, right off the 101 in Del Mar. It’s called Sunset Seat because there’s a Torrey Pine tree that was carved into a huge Eagle, and there’s a seat carved into it as well. I love this spot because it offers different elements from every direction. There are ocean views, lots of flowers, Torrey Pines, and beautiful cliffs. It’s also uncrowded and super accessible.

Couple holding each other at Torrey Pines
Couple holding hands in Torrey Pines
Couple laughing with Torrey Pine trees behind them

Torrey Pines State Reserve

Maybe you’ve spent a Sunday hiking here with family or friends, but Torrey Pines State Reserve can be a really neat spot for San Diego engagement photos. The reserve offers a variety of different trails and view points as well as beach access. That being said, this is definitely a spot for a longer session (60 mins+) as the trails are long and it takes time to get from spot to spot.

Couple standing on ledge at Torrey Pines
Couple sitting on a picnic blanket on a cliff at Torrey Pines
Couple kissing on ledge viewpoint at Torrey Pines

Coronado Beach Sand Dunes

The Coronado Beach sand dunes make for the most beautiful beach ever. The beach is huge, making it great for a couples engagement session because of how spacious it is.

couple hugging and playing at the beach in Coronado
Couple kissing on the beach
couple kissing on the rocks in Coronado
couple playing in the water in Coronado

Swamis State Beach

This beach is beautiful. Just to the South of the Swamis Beach Parking lot, there’s some awesome overlook spots up on the cliffs. There used to even be a couch up there… But… Germs. Still cool though. I usually avoid going to this beach on a Sunday because they have drum circle so it’s packed and parking is pretty difficult. If you go, I recommend parking alongside the 101, just south of the last house before the cliffs start. You’ll see other cars parked there. 🙂

Couple walking hand in hand along the cliffside
couple kissing
Couple cuddling on a picnic blanket
couple kissing near the shoreline

Carlsbad Cliffs

This is one of my absolute favorite hidden gems. There’s beautiful cliffs and hidden spots within them. At the South end of the cliffs, where the fence ends, is where I love to shoot. You’ve definitely got to be careful here as the cliffs do erode from the rain, but, this location is very mellow and uncrowded, as well as super easy access.

couple cuddling on a picnic blanket on the cliffs
Couple holding hands kissing

South Ponto Beach

I like this beach because there is parking right off the road, there’s lots of sand, there’s cliffs, and there’s greenery.

couple walking their dogs at the beach
couple cuddling on a blanket at sunset
Couple kissing at sunset on the beach

La Jolla Cove Cliffs

If you’re local to San Diego or you’ve been here before, you probably have heard of La Jolla Cove. Now, this is definitely a crowded spot, but the crowd is worth the photos.

couple sitting on the La Jolla cliffs kissing
Couple holding each other on the beach
couple hugging at the beach

Shelter Island

It’s never a bad idea to get a sailboat and cruise around the bay in San Diego for your engagement session.

couple kissing on the docks
couple having champagne on boat
couple standing on boat with city in the back
San Diego city landscape

Alright folks! I hope this helped you decide on where you want to have your San Diego Engagement Photos taken! If you’re wanting to reach out to book a session, I’d love to hear from you!

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