Human connection: We LIVE for it.

I welcome all couples. Love is love is love. I’m here for the adventurous, the not so adventurous, the proud house-plant parents, the succulent killers, those who can quote every episode of The Office, and those who can’t.

If you’re in love and you wanna marry the heck out of your person, I’m here for it.

Your wedding day isn't a photoshoot.

I want to capture the real moments: the deep belly laughs, the ugly crying, the “look” you give your lover (you know the one) that speaks a trillion words… Our bond will start loooonnng before your get married so that when we work together, you both will be comfortable being your absolute authentic selves, which allows me to capture the raw and intimate love shared between you and your person.

ALL of this is so important to me, your love is important to me, your wedding – it’s important to me. I don’t want to be remembered as another vendor that showed up on your wedding day. I will be your pal. Seriously. I love you. And I’m tall and give pretty phenomenal hugs and you can ugly cry in front of me and it’ll be all good. Or you can not cry and we can talk about how I’m not a crier either.

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