Well hello! I’m so happy you landed on my site — Hopefully we’ll be connecting soon! My name is Katie Iredale and I am a San Diego Wedding Photographer who travels worldwide documenting beautiful humans celebrating big love. I’ve photographed weddings in castles in Scotland, on catamarans in Maui, to the backyards people spent their childhoods in.

I’m here for the intentional and untraditional folx — The one’s who desire something quite different than a typical cookie-cutter wedding. My couples love to do things their own way, and crave a laid-back yet luxurious experience on their wedding day. They also might use the F word on a regular basis, say hi to dogs first, and value quality way more than quantity.

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I know all that goes into writing a love story, I’m familiar with the way your heart beats for your person. I can relate to the way a long hug from the love of your life holds the power to make everything feel right in the world, and I know the friendship that exists between you two is the deepest you’ve ever felt. 

It’s my greatest passion to honor that connection by documenting it authentically so as the years pass by, you can look back and remember what it felt like.

If you're looking for a Southern California wedding photographer that shows up and feels like a friend....

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“Katie pours her heart and soul into photography and you can see it. We chose her because she was the only one who made us feel something when we looked at her photos.”