Hi there! I'm Katie.

In addition to being a roaming photographer and diehard fan of all things love (gag), I'm a (helicopter) dog mama, plant collector, business junkie, proud Virgo, Enneagram 8, total foodie, and a gal who sure needs her sleep.

I started this little love biz in 2017.

For as far back as I can remember, I've always craved freedom, connection, and travel. This job fulfills all of those desires. Documenting humans, in love, with all their perfect uniqueness, is a special kind of privilege that I'm really grateful to have. I proudly and loudly support the LGBTQ community and Black Lives Matter.

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It's always the little things.

To me, there's nothin better than a slow, quiet morning with no agenda. I've got a bizarre sense of humor and swear more than sounds good. Quality over quantity. Experiences over things. I'm inspired by authenticity, and I believe that being unapologetically me will take me to the best places and connect me with the right people.

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Preferences, in no particular order.

A God of my own understanding. Lola. The love of my life, Kevin. Honesty. Inclusivity. The way a favorite song can make me feel. Mango sorbet. Iced coffee with the appropriate amount of cream and sugar. Travel. Photography, obviously. Design. When golden light pours into my front windows. Eucalyptus sheets. Buffy pillow. Deja vu. Hiking. Road trippin. An epsom salt bath after a long wedding. Hot yoga. Acai. Poke.

My heart.

A wise duo once said

"She is trustworthy, hilarious, talented, patient, and just a wonderful person inside and out. That's the kind of photographer Katie is and we would book her again in a heartbeat."

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