I'm Katie

The one behind the camera

You’re here because you’re in love, I’m here because I love love.

I will show you the

reflection of your connection

through the images we create together.

A few things you should know...

I’m a goofy, laid back, light-hearted human. It’s super important that we vibe so that we can create the best photos.

I give my all to my clients. this "business" has set my soul on fire and i love it to my core.

I am an ordained officiant, meaning I can sign your marriage license and be your witness!
(in some states)

A percentage of proceeds is donated to a few different nonprofits. Because of you, I am able to give back.

i always want the couples i work with to feel comfortable just being themselves around me. that's the most important.

Here’s a glimpse at who I am:

Introvert by nature, extrovert by trade. I prefer experiences over things, but sure love some good things too (REI, Patagonia, local plant nurseries). I always find that the simpler things in life mean the most. Long dog walks with my dude around the neighborhood, a good conversation with the parents, breakfast in bed, that perfect cup of coffee, a candlelit bubble bath, the feeling I get at the end of a hot yoga class… To me, these little things add up to equal an amazingly meaningful life.


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I love photography because it allows me to be completely present. I'm driven by the "wow factor" and I'm willing to go to any (legal, environmentally friendly) length to get "the shot". When I’m with my couples, I’m fully present. Taking epic shots of rad humans, totally in love, out in nature, just enjoying the goodness that is life… That’s the shit that lights me up. I still can’t even believe that this is my job. I’ve never felt so fulfilled by anything before. 


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I have the cutest lil doggo named Lola, and a boyfriend named John. We’ve all been together for years and spend a great deal of time obsessing over each other. John and I love traveling together and we just about always have a trip or two planned. When we're home, we spend our time together eating, walking around the neighborhood looking at all the houses, goofing off, appreciating sunsets, hiking, making music (or trying), and also more eating. And we watch a lot of bad movies and the occasional good one when I get to pick.


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As of now, my perfect future looks something like this: A quaint, unique 3 bedroom home, with huge windows to let lots of light in, either near the ocean or in the mountains somewhere. A healthy, loving relationship. A kiddo or two, a pet or three, and about 100 plants. Spirituality, sustainability, and a happy heart.


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I can't wait to hear from you!