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For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always craved freedom, connection, and travel. This job fulfills all of those desires. Documenting humans, in love — with all their perfect uniqueness, all over this beautiful world…. It’s a special kind of privilege that I’m really grateful to have.

In addition to being a roaming photographer and diehard fan of all things love (gag), I’m a (helicopter) dog mama, so happily in love with my favorite human ever, plant collector, hot yoga-er, Virgo, Enneagram 8, total foodie, and a gal who sure cherishes her sleep.

I’ve got a bizarre sense of humor and swear more than sounds good. Quality over quantity. Experiences over things. I’m inspired by authenticity, and I believe that being unapologetically me will take me to the best places and connect me with the right people.

I'm katie

The things that i love:

A God of my own understanding. Being Melo's mama. My sweet husband, Kevin. Lola. Our hairless kittens. Honesty. Inclusivity. Hot yoga. Living a sober life. The relationship I have with my parents. The way a favorite song can make me feel. Stella Jeans. Iced coffee. A warm butter croissant. New places. Photography, obviously. Interior design. Golden light. Pastels. Eucalyptus sheets. Deja vu. Hiking. Road trippin.


my beliefs:

I believe in love. As in, anyone can love anyone, and all lovers should be celebrated. I believe Black Lives Matter. I believe in representing people of all colors, genders, and sizes in my work and in my life. I believe in respecting peoples' pronouns and I will always do my best to get them right. I believe in honesty, inclusivity, and transparency. I believe in love and I stand firmly in these principles. Disclaimer: If any of these are an issue for you, we are not a good fit.


a glimpse at who I am:

Introvert by nature, extrovert by trade. I prefer experiences over things, but sure love some good things too (REI, Crate & Barrel, local plant nurseries). I've always found that the simple things in life mean the most. Long dog walks with my bebe and our pets around the neighborhood, a good conversation with my folks, breakfast in bed, that perfect cup of coffee, a candlelit dinner at home, the feeling I get at the end of a hot yoga class… These little things add up to equal an amazingly meaningful life.


My heart.