Spring Family Photos in Carlsbad

These spring family photos in Carlsbad are the perfect example of my DREAM photo session. Cloudy with bright blue skies, a little bit of wind, lush flowers, the bright blue ocean, sunshine, and a sweet family. It truly just doesn’t get better! Every year from about late March to the end of May, San Diego just BLOOMS and it is my favorite season to shoot. I LOVE the wildflowers. I love the beauty they bring to any photo session. It always feels like such a treat, year after year.

My family photo sessions are meant to be fun, easy, simple and sweet. They’re never about forced smiles or perfect portraits, but connection, light, and movement. I keep them short and sweet and we sort of follow the kiddos lead – but also the perfect amount of time to get lots of amazing photos and plenty of variety. 🙂

If you are wanting to book your spring family photos in Carlsbad (or surrounding areas) with me, you can check out my pricing and session information on my pricing page, or get in touch here.

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