San Diego Wildflowers Photoshoot

March 31, 2024

Every year from March until May, the rain from January and February bring the most glorious flower fields, making it the perfect time to book a San Diego Wildflowers Photoshoot.

These two are both great friends of mine, separately, actually, and found each other a few years ago and have been together ever since. It’s been sweet and fun to watch their relationship grow, and, to get them in front of my camera and document their love over time. Every time we shoot together, I always ask them for permission for me to just be quiet and observe their interactions, and document them as they are, without posing them or giving much guidance. Some couples prefer this approach and others like more direction–both are okay of course, but I do always truly enjoy being able to simply let people be and document them authentically.

There is this huge dirt field near my house and this year I kept driving by it after the rain and I just knew it was going to bloom into something glorious and it did not disappoint. San Diego tends to be pretty… brown… for most of the year, but gosh when we get a bit of extra rain, she really shows off during the spring time. I LOVE shooting during the San Diego wildflower blooms.

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