woman on mans shoulder at the beach in maui kissing

Maui Sunrise Engagement Session

Okay just an immediate disclaimer, this wasn’t really a Maui sunrise engagement session, but… SEO… Ya know? That being said, it was on Maui, at sunrise, and my gosh it was one of my favorite sessions to date. I should also mention that this was in December of 2018, and still holding it down as one of the best shoots yet.

Meet Scotty and Lexi. This two little love angels both live on the island of Maui together, and Lexi is a photographer too. They picked me up when it was still completely dark outside, and we drove across the island to Baby Beach. We chose this beach because of the way the sunrise glows through the palm trees, and we knew it’d be basically empty.

One of my favorite things about this session was witnessing the love and passion these two had for each other. I hardly had to give them any direction at all because they were so enamored with one another that I just simply didn’t have to say much. You could tell there was so much companionship, as well as passion.

We played around at Baby Beach for a while until it was seriously time for coffee. We went and grabbed some caffeine and bomb acai bowls from a little spot down the way called Cafe Cafe Maui n then frolicked around Lahaina for a bit before we headed over to Iao Valley as our final spot for the shoot. I honestly probably could have photographed them all day and never gotten bored but it was a sunrise session and I did have an elopement the following day and then another Maui sunrise engagement session the following day.

Un-fun fact: I was on Maui for 4 days and didn’t go in the water once, except to climb onto a catamaran. I’m just going to go ahead and promise myself with anyone reading this as my witness that I will absolutely, positively, never, ever go to a Hawaiian Island for work and not get in the water, ever again.