Newlyweds at Lionsgate Events & Vineyard

Lionsgate Events & Vineyard

One of my favorite venues in North County is Lionsgate Events & Vineyard in Fallbrook, Ca. It is a big beautiful 17-acre property with lots of European Charm, featuring a huge grassy lawn for ceremonies, a gorgeous European home, a vineyard with Italian grapes, and a backyard which is the perfect space for a reception. I love how romantic the grounds are and while the property is quite intimate, I’ve shot weddings with over 120 guests there.

A tiny disclaimer… The one thing I would say if you’re considering this venue is to book a local Air BnB to get ready in, as the quarters provided here aren’t the most photogenic.

Moriah and I met up at a Starbucks after she inquired about wedding photography, and getting to know her a bit was a pleasure. We discovered some similarities in our stories and connected pretty much right away. Moriah never felt like a client, but an old friend. When I arrived on her wedding day, she was surrounded by the most beautiful women who were chosen as her bridesmaids, and each one was so kind and welcoming. Bridesmaids are usually quite wonderful, but when they are ALL so sweet, it makes the day a LOT easier.

I hadn’t met Max before the wedding day, but upon our introduction I knew he was a sweet soul and his calm and endearing demeanor was perfect for Moriah. I think their first look was my favorite part of the day (besides the part when Moriah’s dad gave his toast and talked about how he and his wife prayed for Max for 25 years).

Every couple is different, and Moriah and Max were magnetic.

So, I’ve set the stage. A beautiful fall afternoon, the sweetest angel of a bride, the lovliest bridesmaids, a charming venue, an even more charming groom, the most supportive families, and to say my job is the best in the world would be an understatement. It’s days like this and couples like them that just have me thinking like damn, how did I get so lucky?

10/10 recommend Lionsgate Events & Vineyard!