my philosophy

While I am taking photos of people, I always find myself in absolute awe. I think about how far the photos will travel, all the homes they will live in, how many generations they will be passed down for, the eyes that will stare at them, the hearts that will cherish them, and someday, the thumbs that will ever-so-gently brush across the faces of the people in the photos. The significance of the images I take is never lost on me. They're infinitely more than just pretty photos.

Photography is a wonderfully powerful way to remember what it felt like.

my approach

My shooting style is primarily documentary, with a hint of portraiture. In other words, what this means is that I simply intend to tell your unique story as it unfolds, while giving you support and guidance along the way. I am not the picture perfect posey photographer. Yes, I'll snap a few traditional portraits during your shoot where (hopefully) everyone is looking at the camera, but my true intention is to photograph your beautiful family, authentically, in the season of life that you are currently in. I like to keep things relaxed and easy. I aim to have a bit more of a hands off approach. Don't worry, I will give direction and prompts throughout your session, but my primary focus is to have you and your littles interacting together so I can document real moments that honor the personalities, love, and emotion that makes up your unique family dynamic.

I pour my heart and soul into your photos, as well as your experience.

family sessions

Starting at $600

all sessions will take place during the golden hour, the glory that happens before the sun disappears for the night (UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUESTED). sessions generally last about 40 minutes, depending on the littles. we'll figure out the perfect location for your family. I'll share my session guide and help you decide what to wear and how to prepare. we'll meet on the day of your session, get the traditional portraits out of the way, and then let the session unfold. Every session is different, because every family is different. Children will be children. I'm here for it all.

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